The University of the West Indies (UWI), at Cave Hill, Barbados

The University of the West Indies

at Cave Hill, Barbados

Undergraduate Programmes

SOCIOLOGY with Gender and Development Studies - Major/Minor

Please note that this programme structure acts as a guideline, refer to your Undergraduate Handbook for official programme information.

Some courses are accompanied by a webpage which includes course information.


1. SOCI 1004 The Logic of Social Inquiry
2. MGMT 1000 Introduction to Computers
3. ECON 1005 Introductory Statistics

4. One (1) of:
FOUN 1001 English for Academic Purposes OR
FOUN 1008 Rhetoric II: Writing for Special Purposes

5. One (1) of:
FOUN 1101 Caribbean Civilization OR
FOUN 1210 Science, Medicine and Technology in Society

6. SOCI 1002 Introduction to Sociology I
7. SOCI 1000 Introduction to Sociology II
8. GEND 1103 Theoretical Concepts and Sources of Knowledge
9. HIST 1004 Introductory History of the Caribbean
10.GOVT1001 Introduction to Caribbean Politics


1. SOCI 2000 Classical Social Theory
2. SOCI 2001 Modern Social Theory
3. SOCI 2006 Qualitative Research Methods
4. SOCI 2007 Survey Design and Analysis
5. SOCI 2013 Caribbean Social Development
6. SOCI 3013 Caribbean Social Policy
7. SOCI 3035 Caribbean Social Problems
8. GOVT 2000 Women and Politics

9. One (1) of:
GEND 2201 An Introductory Course I: Introduction to Women Studies Or
GEND 2202 An Introductory Course II: Women & Development in the Caribbean

10. One (1) of:
GEND 3701 Men and Masculinities in the Caribbean: Theoretical Perspective Or
GEND 3702 Men and Masculinities in the Caribbean: Contemporary Issues


1. SOCI 3012 Caribbean Social Planning
2. SOCI 3027 Gender and Development
3. SOCI 3026 Sociology of Development
4-5. SOCI 3000 Supervised Research Or
Two (2) Level II/III Sociology electives

6-10. Six (6) of:
GEND 2002 Gender in Caribbean Culture II
GEND 2005 Crimes by and Against Women: Theories,Evidence and Popular Portrayals
GEND 2006 Gender and Religion
GEND 2110 Gender and Caribbean Economic Relations
GEND 2203 Feminist Theoretical Frameworks
GEND 2501 Women Leadership and Change in Developing Countries
GEND 3703 Feminist Critiques of Development Theories Implications for Policy and Planning
GEND 3705 Gender and Sexuality
PSYC 2017 Gender and Psychology Summer
LAW 3260 Gender and Law in the Commonwealth Caribbean
SOCI 3004 Sociology of Tourism
SOCI 3007 Rural Development
SOCI 3014 Criminology
SOCI 3017 Criminal Justice
SOCI 3037 Social Dimensions of Inequality and Marginalisation
SOCI 3009 Industrial Sociology


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