The University of the West Indies (UWI), at Cave Hill, Barbados

The University of the West Indies

at Cave Hill, Barbados

Undergraduate Programmes


Please note that this programme structure acts as a guideline, refer to your Undergraduate Handbook for official programme information.

Some courses are accompanied by a webpage which includes course information.


(Students registered for this programme must complete eleven (11) courses at Level I)

1. ECON 1005 Introductory Statistics

2. One (1) of:
FOUN 1001 English for Academic Purposes OR
FOUN 1008 Rhetoric II: Writing for Special Purposes

3. One (1) of:
SOCI 1004 The Logic of Social Inquiry OR
HIST 1004 Introductory History of the Caribbean

4. MGMT 1000 Introduction to Computers

5. One (1) of:
FOUN 1101 Caribbean Civilization OR
FOUN 1210 Science, Medicine and Technology in Society

6. GOVT 1000 Introduction to Political Analysis
7. GOVT 1001 Introduction to Caribbean Politics
8 LAW 1010 Law and Legal Systems
9. LAW 1110 Criminal Law I
10. LAW 1020 Constitutional Law
11. LAW 1230 Legal Methods Research & Writing


1. GOVT 2014 Western Political Thought
2. GOVT 2015 Modern Political Thought
3. GOVT 3017 Caribbean Governance I
4. GOVT 3018 Caribbean Governance II
5. GOVT 3014 Theories of International Politics OR
GOVT 2016 Caribbean Political Philosophy

6-10. Five (5) of:
LAW 2210 Real Property I
LAW 2310 Public International Law I
LAW 2510 Jurisprudence
LAW 2820 Equitable Remedies
LAW 2220 Real Property II
LAW 2320 Public International Law II
Any Other Approved Level II Law Course.


1-5. Five (5) of:
LAW 3630 Caribbean Integration Law
LAW 3710 Caribbean Commonwealth Human Rights Law
LAW 3020 Employment Law
LAW 3220 Family Law II (Children)
LAW 3210 Family Law I (Husband & Wife)
LAW 3720 International Law of Human Rights
LAW 3260 Gender and Law in the Commonwealth Caribbean
Any Other Approved Level II/III Law Course.

6. GOVT 2010 Politics of Developing Nations OR
GOVT 3000 African Political Philosophy in Antiquity

7. GOVT 2024 Contemporary Political Democracy
8. GOVT 3049 Caribbean International Politics
9. GOVT 3015 International Politics and Political Economy

10. One (1) of:
GOVT 2021 Socialist Political Economy
GOVT3025 Trade and the Environment
GOVT 2057 eGovernance for Small Island Developing States I
GOVT 3058 eGovernance for Small Island Developing States II
GOVT2000 Women and Politics
Or Other of No.6


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