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Faculty of Humanities

Year III Courses 

Course Code 

Course Name 

CANV3499 Festival Project 
CANV3601 Science & Technology in Music 
CANV3602 Events and Festival Management 
CLTR3100 Theorising Caribbean Culture 
CLTR3101 Race, Nationalism & Culture 
CLTR3102 Exhibiting Culture 
CLTR3103 Black Popular Culture 
CLTR3110 The Sacred Arts of the Black A 
COMM3199 Comm Analysis & Planning II 
COMM3301 Adv Broadcast Skills I Radio 
COMM3302 Adv Broadcast Skills II Radio 
COMM3401 Adv Broadcasting Skills I TV 
COMM3402 Adv Broadcasting Skills II TV 
COMM3501 Adv Multi-Media Production I 
COMM3502 Adv Multi-Media Production II 
COMM3601 Advanced Public Relations I 
COMM3602 Advanced Public Relations II 
COMM3701 Advanced Social Marketing I 
COMM3702 Advanced Social Marketing II 
COMM3801 Adv Text and Graphic Prod I 
COMM3802 Adv Text & Graphic Prod II 
COMM3901 Advertising and Copy Writing 
COMM3919 Sports and Media 
COMM3921 Media & Communication Issues 
COMM3926 Organizational Communication 
COMM3931 Broadcast Media Management 
COMS3099 Language and Communication 
DANC3301 Choreography 
DANC3302 Dance Education 
DANC3303 Dance Ensemble 
DANC3599 Repertory and Performance 
EDAR3808 Tchg Of Arts&Drama In Prim Sch 
EDAR3811 Tchg Music&Dance In Prim Sch 
EDCU3013 Integrating the Primary Curr 
EDCU3103 Curr Dev: Implement & Eval 
EDCU3104 Issues in Curr Theory & Prac 
EDCU3550 The Primary School Curriculum 
EDEA3102 Law and Ethics II 
EDEA3301 Mgmt Info Systems in Edu Admin 
EDEA3302 Org Assessment And Evaluation 
EDEA3303 Law & Ethics in Educ Admin 
EDEA3304 Mgmt of HR/Interpersonal Rels 
EDEA3305 Spec Problems in School Admin 
EDEA3306 School & Classroom Mgmt 
EDEA3307 School & Classroom Mgmt (B) 
EDEA3310 Study 
EDEA3312 School Mgmt & Supervision 
EDEA3314 Guidance & Counseling in Educ 
EDEA3316 Practicum/Field Study 
EDEA3320 The Study 
EDEA3380 Practicum 
EDEA3504 Creating an Excellent School 
EDEA3560 The Principalship 
EDEA3570 Educational Administration 
EDEA3601 Issu, Concerns & Prob In Ed Ad 
EDEA3870 Field Study 
EDEC3001 Special Educ/ Advenced Studies 
EDEC3002 Admin & Supv Of ECE Envmts 
EDEC3007 Practicum in ECE 
EDEC3010 Fieldwork and Report 
EDEC3022 Creative Expressions in ECE 
EDEC3023 Curr Dev: Thry & Plang for ECE 
EDEC3311 Supv & Admin Of ECE Progs 
EDEC3326 Human Resource Mgmt In ECE 
EDFA3201 The Challenge of Human Dev 
EDGC3314 Guidance in Education 
EDGC3701 Ed & Behaviour Chge Strategies 
EDHE3904 Assess Achievement In History 
EDHE3905 Tchg History In Sec Schools 
EDHE3906 History Curr In Sec Ed 
EDHE3907 Meth&Res For Instr In C&W His 
EDLA3005 Pedagog Issues in Lang Arts 
EDLA3103 Tchg Of Eng Lit In The Sec Sch 
EDLA3104 Lit For The Primary School 
EDLA3106 Content & Pedag CXCEng Lang A 
EDLA3109 Tchg The Structure Of English 
EDLA3110 Writing In The Secondary Sch 
EDLA3111 Tchg Standard Eng In The Carib 
EDLA3112 Literature for Children 
EDLA3113 The Structure of Creole 
EDLA3115 ICT for Language Arts 
EDLA3120 Psychology of Lang & Thought 
EDLA3319 Tcher Dev In Primary Lang Arts 
EDLS3004 Curr & Instr Issu In Lit Stud 
EDLS3603 Adv Study Of Assessmt Of Lit 
EDLS3604 Physio & Psy Of Lit Behaviour 
EDLS3605 Stages in Literacy Development 
EDLS3606 Report on Field Study 
EDLS3611 Indep Individ Study of Lit Ed 
EDLS3818 Testing, Measure & Eval II 
EDMA3203 Analysis & Teaching Maths 2 
EDMA3204 Issues in Teaching Maths 2 
EDMA3205 Teaching Maths Grades 10 & 11 
EDMA3206 Investigations & Prob Solving 
EDMA3208 History & Dev Of Math Ideas 
EDMA3210 Issues in Teaching Maths 1 
EDMA3901 Mathematics Around Us 
EDMA3902 Trends & Issues in Maths Educ 
EDMA3903 Special Topics In Mathematics 
EDME3006 Classroom Testing & Eval (Adv) 
EDME3813 Testing, Measuremt & Eval II 
EDME3814 Testing, Measuremt & Eval III 
EDPH3012 Knowledge and the Curriculum 
EDPS3003 Classroom Concerns 
EDPS3402 Experimental Psychology 
EDPS3726 Conflict & Aggres In The Croom 
EDPS3804 Princ of Social Psychology 
EDRE3804 Relig Educ In The Day School 
EDRS3008 Research Methods II 
EDRS3501 The B Ed Study 
EDRS3805 Fieldwork And Report 
EDSC3307 Reflec & Tchr Dev In Prim Ed 
EDSC3401 Selected Topics in Science 
EDSC3403 Assessment in Science Teaching 
EDSC3404 Issues & Trends In Sci Ed &Cur 
EDSC3406 Inq Appch To Tchg&Lrng Prim Sc 
EDSC3408 Environmental Education 
EDSC3410 Soc Of Sci Teaching & Learning 
EDSC3411 Hist of Sci & Sci Teaching 
EDSC3417 Intro To Sec Sc Practicals 
EDSE3001 Special Educ/Advanced Studies 
EDSE3100 Working with Except'l Learners 
EDSE3703 Career Ed For Excep Learner 
EDSE3706 Ed Assmt & Instr Plng Mod 2 
EDSE3707 Prin Of Guid & Coun In Spec Ed 
EDSE3708 Cur Apprch For Mult Disabled 2 
EDSE3710 Phy Ps&Soc Char Of Mul Hcap 2 
EDSE3714 Adap Instr For Lrner In Diff:B 
EDSE3717 Learner In Diff: Iss & Trends 
EDSE3901 Ed of Child. w Phy & Healt Imp 
EDSE3902 Com Proces for the Hear Impair 
EDSO3102 The Social Context of Educ 
EDSS3107 Tchg For Choices & Decisions 
EDSS3108 Soc Explan & Tchg of Soc Stud 
EDSS3200 Issues in Social Studies Curri 
EDSS3502 Historian Sources & Class Tchg 
EDSS3903 Sec Sch Soc Stud Res&Selection 
EDSS3908 Role of Soc Stu In Prim/Sec Ed 
EDSS3909 Role of Soc Stud In Sec Ed 
EDTE3404 Issues in Teacher Education 
EDTK3004 Educational Technology 
EDTK3025 Integrating Computers Into The 
EDTK3202 Media & Prod Of Ed Materials 
EDTK3304 Media & Technology In Ed 
FILM3100 The Emer of Cinema & Rise 
FILM3102 Post Prod't Editing & Sound 
FILM3105 Directing 
FILM3115 Digital Media Workshop 
FILM3801 Playwriting 
FOUN3099 Caribbean Studies Project 
FREN3003 Business French 
FREN3004 Postwar Fr Fiction Thtre & Flm 
FREN3014 French for Tourism 
FREN3101 French Translation 
FREN3102 Introduction to Interpreting 
FREN3104 Areas of French Translation 
FREN3199 French Language III 
FREN3399 From Negritude to Creolite 
FREN3401 French Language IIIA 
FREN3402 French Language IIIB 
FREN3501 The French Caribbean Novel 
FREN3502 French Cbean Poetry & Drama 
FREN3505 French Caribbean Prose 
FREN3507 Caribbean Lit in French I 
FREN3508 Caribbean Lit in French II 
FREN3599 Caribbean Literature in French 
FREN3606 French Novel II 
FREN3701 The French New Novel 
FREN3702 Theatre of the Absurd 
GEND3701 Men & Mascul. in the C'bean 
GEND3702 Contemporary Iss. of Cbean Men 
GEND3705 Gender and Sexuality 
HIST3001 History of Trinidad and Tobago 
HIST3002 History of T&T since 1898 
HIST3003 Gender in Caribbean History 
HIST3004 Lib Struggle in 20th C Africa 
HIST3005 Law & Society in Modern T&T 
HIST3006 Law & Business History in T&T 
HIST3008 Race & Ethnicity in Brit Cbean 
HIST3010 Protests & Movt in Brit Cbean 
HIST3011 Business History of B'dos 
HIST3012 Edu in the Commonwealth Cbean 
HIST3014 Haiti in the 20th Century 
HIST3017 Spanish Caribbean 1810-1991 
HIST3019 History of West Indies Cricket 
HIST3020 British Caribbean, 1830-1870 
HIST3022 Twentieth Century Cuba 
HIST3030 Evol of Soc Plc'y in B'dos 
HIST3033 Gender, Race & Medicine 
HIST3103 Brazil in the 20th Century 
HIST3105 Liberation Ideas in Latin Am 
HIST3202 USA 1820-1877 
HIST3203 Blacks in USA after 1865 
HIST3204 Popular Cultures in the US 
HIST3301 Apartheid in South Africa 
HIST3302 South Africa Cultural History 
HIST3303 20th Century Africa 
HIST3304 Liberation in 20thC Africa 
HIST3305 West Africa since 1500 
HIST3306 W African Ec Hist 1880-1960 
HIST3307 W Af'can Pol Hist since1880 
HIST3310 West Africa since 1800 
HIST3312 Women in 20th Century Africa 
HIST3402 Victorian England 
HIST3405 Spanish Republic and Civil War 
HIST3406 Women in Europe Since 1750 
HIST3407 The Holocaust in History 
HIST3408 Anglo-Am'can Soc 1580-1660 
HIST3410 Early Modern Britain 1580-1660 
HIST3501 Modern Japan: Meiji to Present 
HIST3502 Middle East History 1915-1973 
HIST3503 Economic Hist India 1757-1956 
HIST3504 Social History India 1757-1947 
HIST3601 Capitalism and Slavery 
HIST3602 Economic History of Slavery 
HIST3603 From Monroe to Castro 
HIST3605 African Diaspora I 
HIST3606 The African Diaspora II 
HIST3608 Multinational Corporations 
HIST3610 Emancipation in the Americas 
HIST3613 The Modern Indian Diaspora 
HIST3701 Historical Investigation 
HIST3799 History of Political Thought 
HIST3801 Historical Archaeology 
HIST3802 Summer Field School Archeology 
HIST3803 Archaeology of Africa 
HIST3902 Politics in Jamaica, 1838-1938 
HUMN3001 Aesthetics, Theory & Criticism 
HUMN3099 Caribbean Studies 
HUMN3900 Intership 
HUMN3901 Capstone/Thesis Project 
LING3001 Advanced Phonology 
LING3002 Advanced Syntax 
LING3005 Study of Caribbean Words 
LING3006 Making of Caribbean Glossaries 
LING3099 Special Project in Linguistics 
LING3101 Applied Linguistics 
LING3102 English as a Second Language 
LING3103 The Teaching of English 
LING3201 Caribbean Dialectology 
LING3202 Creole Linguistics 
LING3301 Pragmatics of Discourse 
LING3303 Discourse Analysis 
LING3304 The Language of Negotiation 
LING3399 Language Planning 
LING3501 Caribbean Linguistic History 
LING3701 Field Methods in Linguistics 
LITS3001 Modern Poetry 
LITS3002 Myth Epic and the Hero 
LITS3003 British & American Poetry 
LITS3101 Modern Prose Fiction 
LITS3102 Contemporary Prose Fiction 
LITS3103 The City in Fiction 
LITS3203 The Romance 
LITS3204 Shakespeare I 
LITS3205 Shakespeare II 
LITS3301 Issues in Criticism 
LITS3303 Modern Critical Theory 
LITS3304 Contemporary Critical Theory 
LITS3316 Postcolonial Literature I 
LITS3317 Postcolonial Literature II 
LITS3319 The Sonnet 
LITS3402 Classic American Prose Fiction 
LITS3405 Caribbean Popular Culture II 
LITS3501 Advanced W I Literature A 
LITS3502 Advanced W I Literature B 
LITS3503 Derek Walcott Poet 
LITS3601 African Literature I 
LITS3602 African Literature II 
LITS3603 African Film 
LITS3701 African American Literature 
LITS3702 African American Women Writers 
LITS3704 Modern Literature A 
LITS3705 Modern Literature B 
LITS3801 Indian Literature in English 
LITS3802 Indian Diaspora Literature 
LITS3902 Caribbean Popular Culture II 
LITS3911 William Butler Yeats 
PHIL3012 Philosophy of Law 
PHIL3099 Research in Philosophy 
PHIL3100 Philosophy of Law 
PHIL3110 Environmental Ethics 
PHIL3120 Biomedical Ethics 
PHIL3130 Business Ethics 
PHIL3306 General Ethics 
PHIL3307 Social Ethics 
PHIL3401 Trends in 20th Century Phil 
PHIL3500 Philosophy and Gender 
PHIL3510 Philosophy of Sex & Love 
PHIL3520 Kant and the Post-Kantians 
PHIL3601 Recent Philosophy I 
PHIL3602 Recent Philosophy II 
PHIL3610 Frege, Husserl & their Progeny 
PHIL3801 African Diaspora Philosophy 
PHIL3802 20th C Analytic Philosophy 
PHIL3803 20th C Continental Philosophy 
PHIL3804 Philosophy of Language 
PHIL3805 Philosophy of Psychology 
PHIL3806 Cognitive Science Philosophy 
PHIL3807 Philosophy of Mathematics 
PHIL3901 Ethics II: Meta-ethics 
PHIL3902 19th C Continental Philosophy 
PHIL3903 Metaphysics ll 
SPAN3001 Spanish Language IIIA 
SPAN3002 Spanish Language IIIB 
SPAN3199 Spanish Language III 
SPAN3201 Golden Age Theatre 
SPAN3203 Zenith of Golden Age Drama 
SPAN3204 Cervantes (SA) 
SPAN3301 Contemporary Cuban Culture 
SPAN3302 Cuban Revolution Literature 
SPAN3303 Argentine Literature Narrative 
SPAN3502 Business Spanish 
SPAN3503 Spanish for Tourism 
SPAN3504 Spanish Translation 
SPAN3505 Areas of Spanish Translation 
SPAN3506 Introduction to Interpreting 
SPAN3601 Afro-Hispanic Literature I 
SPAN3602 Afro-Hispanic Literature II 
SPAN3603 Hispanic Drama 
SPAN3604 Major Spanish American Writers 
SPAN3605 Spanish Cbean Poetry & Drama 
SPAN3606 Contem'ry Span Cbean Narrative 
SPAN3702 Span American Womens Narrative 
SPAN3703 New Spanish American Novel 
SPAN3705 Venezuelan Theatre 
SPAN3706 Spanish Cbean Narrative 
SPAN3707 The Latin American Short Story 
SPAN3901 Spanish Am'can Film &Narrative 
THEO3008 Israelite Wisdom 
THEO3103 Anglican Communion Dev't 
THEO3204 Pastoral Counselling II 
THEO3310 Mary in Christian Tradition